Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Spoiler in Machete

Lindsay Lohan might play a woman of the cloth in the new film "Machete", but apparently she spends most of her time in the movie without a shirt on.

The movie doesn't hit the big screen until September 3, but a viewer who claims to have gotten an early peek at the new film tells Jezebel that Lohan—who plays a weapon-bearing nun named April—is au naturel during the majority of her brief screen time. Says the tipster,

"I saw Machete. It's really well-executed exploitation… but Lindsay is barely in it. She's nud*e almost the whole time (except for the "nun with a gun" scene), and she has a videotaped ménage à trois with her [on screen] mother and Danny Trejo in a pool. Her father pulls her out of a drug den type situation and confesses (to priest Cheech Marin) to lustful thoughts about his daughter. "I just wish she'd look at me as more of a man."