Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Danny McFly Claims That Bandmate Harry Turned Lindsay Lohan Lesbian

Lindsay Lohan has been on a pretty rough ride these past few years including a stint in jail and an on-off relationship with Samantha Ronson.

Many people might choose to blame the fact she found fame very young or even that her parents seem, how shall we put this? A bit mad.

But no, Danny from McFly seems to believe it was his band mate Harry who sent Lindsay on her wild way after they hooked up whilst filming a movie together.

Speaking about their time with Lohan on the set of uber-shit rom com Just My Luck, Danny said "She was lovely but pretty crazy."

Danny went on to explain that the band and actress are no longer in contact and that a certain drumming friend of his might be to blame. "We lost touch. Harry turned her into a lesbian." he is quouted by Holy Moly as saying.

source: popdash