Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Jersey Shore Boys on GQ Magazine!

Jersey Shore Gets PumpedLet's be real: The gym can be as much of a meat market as the club. So whether you've been wearing tattoo-print pants with fire-breathing dragons or pit-stained, moth-eaten T-shirts from college, it's time you toned your workout wardrobe. Here, we help Pauly, Vinny, Ronnie, and Mike address the, um, situation with a new breed of simplified sportswear

Let's say you're taking a girl on a cruise tomorrow morning and you have two hours of free time today. Gym or tanning bed?

All together: Ooooh!
DJ Pauly D: Tanning bed. You look more toned when you're tan.
The Situation: Gonna have to say the gym. Just get tan on the boat.

What's the lamest thing guys do in the gym?

Vinny: I don't like people that walk around talking the whole time. If you're at the gym, you should be working out.
DJ Pauly D: I have to agree with Vinny. I'm trying to get my set in, you're talking, I'm losing my pump!

What about dudes who stare at themselves in the mirror the whole time they're working out?

DJ Pauly D: Yo, stop talking about me! [laughs]
Ronnie: [defensively] It's not just that you want to stare at yourself. It's partly that. But you're also watching to make sure you're doing everything properly.

Yeah, right. What about using personal trainers? Yes or no?

Vinny: I used to be a trainer, and 90 percent of the people who use trainers are women and old people. But it can be good—I used to train other trainers sometimes.
DJ Pauly D: Sometimes I look at the trainers at the gym, and I look better than them. I'm not gonna take advice from somebody who doesn't look better than me, bro.

Mike, I don't really have a six-pack. Should I be crying in my beer about it?

The Situation: Nah. Be confident in what you got.

What's the best body-related compliment you've gotten from a girl?

Vinny: I'm not that big next to these guys, but—
Ronnie: It's more about the mind-body connection with Vinny.
The Situation: It's more about the pushin'.

Anyone else?

DJ Pauly D: It was my birthday this weekend, and these girls put cake on my body and ate it off. One girl said, "You have the nicest chest I ever ate cake off." I got pictures to prove it. I'll send 'em to you.