Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'Desperate Housewives' Spoilers from Fancast

I am dying to know what the secret is between ‘Desperate Housewives’ Tom and Renee! Any clues? – Jess
I am told that the secret is no unguessable jaw-dropper (it’s not like they conspired to kill someone, or rigged the 2000 election), but that when it does trickle out during November sweeps, the fun is in who first finds out, what he or she does with that info, and who gets hurt most by it.

How about some scoop about my new favorite love triangle, ‘Desperate Housewives Bree/Keith/Renee? – sparkyfan4 via Twitter
One of the ladies is taking the boy toy on a double date. Click here to see which ‘Lost’ alum gets paired up with Keith’s dad (played by ‘Smallville’s John Schneider).