Wednesday, October 20, 2010

James Cameron: "I'd love to just start on 'Avatar 2' right now"

According to Comingsoon, James Cameron spoke to press today at a special event to promote the November 16th release of the Avatar extended edition Blu-ray set. here's what Cameron had to say in regard to future adventures in the world Avatar, his rumored Cleopatra project and the upcoming television series based on his 1994 film, True Lies.

"Our plan right now is to do two and three as a single large production and release them a year apart," Cameron said, "In order to do that, we have to refine our technical processes beyond the end of where we were finishing 'Avatar' one a year ago. We need to future-proof ourselves out five or six years to the end of the third film."

Though Cameron's name has recently been brought up in connection with Cleopatra (with Angelina Jolie tentatively attached to star), Cameron announced that it was currently undetermined whether or not he'd come aboard that specific project. "I haven't made any decisions about that," were Cameron's exact words, "but here's a decision: I'm not going to work on a film between ['Avatar'] two and three. It's really a question of whether or not I do one between now and when we start two. We're evaluating how much of our techwork and how much of our facility work it's going to take. That's not decided as of right now. I'd love to just start on 'Avatar 2' right now, but I don't know if that's possible or if it makes sense to wait."