Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ronnie, Vinny, and Pauly D talk regrets about the show

The cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" is on a bit of a publicity tour leading up to their show's finale Thursday night, and on "The Early Show" one of the first questions that came up for the gang was if they had any regrets based on what happened in Miami this season.

Let's go through this based on the three guys who answered:

* Ronnie: "I probably have to go with the first five episodes ... I like how you picked me [to answer] first."
* Vinny: "I had a couple of sloppy nights, one with Angelina."
* Pauly D: "I'm glad with the way they came off on the show ... they make you look exactly how you are, so I don't have any regrets at all."

Now, the gang is getting ready to move on to yet another chapter. The third season of the "Shore" is scheduled to premiere on January 6 of next year, and will feature the cast back in Seaside Heights with the addition of Deena Nicole, who will be replacing the now-departed Angelina Pivarnick.

Source: Examiner