Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sean Parker Reacts to Justin Timberlake in 'Social Network'

As portrayed by Justin Timberlake in 'The Social Network,' Napster founder Sean Parker (who jumped onboard Facebook at age 24 as a founding president) is a Silicon Valley rock star.

But despite the Oscar buzz generated by the fledgling actor for playing Mark Zuckerberg's mentor in the film (co-starring Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield), the real Sean Parker, 30, isn't quite giving Timberlake a standing ovation.

"It's a great performance of a character that isn't me," Parker told Us on Thursday night, while attending the 2010 Angel Ball, a cancer fundraiser in New York City.

Asked whether Timberlake, 29, should be nominated for his first Academy Award, Parker laughed.

"That's a good question," he replied. "It's not my industry."

Though Parker was ousted from Facebook after a 2005 cocaine arrest (no charges were filed), he still unofficially advises the company. Reportedly worth millions today, and on his way to becoming a billionaire, he has now steered his business focus back to the music industry.

Source: popeater