Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teen Mom’ Amber Threatened To Fight A Walmart Employee

It looks like Amber’s ex-fiancé Gary isn’t the only guy she’s threatened!

Amber Portwood loves her Walmart! The Teen Mom star reportedly goes to her local Anderson, Ind., Supercenter “every other day,” an employee tells exclusively — and she even threatened someone who works there! ”One day I was putting stuff on the racks and Amber came by with [2-year-old daughter] Leah,” the employee recalls. “Leah started knocking socks and underwear onto the ground and Amber just looked at me and said, ‘If you have anything to say about this, you can meet me in the parking lot.’”

We already know how much Amber enjoys lurking in the Walmart parking lot. (Remember when she was approached by Christopher Hossman and ended up going out with him?) Clearly Amber, who affectionately calls the store “Wally,” considers the Supercenter to be her second home.

The employee also tell us that, even though Amber is there a lot, she “rarely” brings her former fiance Gary Shirley along.

Source: hollywoodlife