Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teen Mom's Amber: Her town's turned against her!

Amber Portwood's out-of-control behavior has affected the Teen Mom star's daughter, Leah, and the baby's father, Gary Shirley -- and now local businesses and the townspeople of Anderson, Ind., Amber's hometown, are completely fed up too!

Life & Style has learned that a local store Amber once filmed in has banned any future shooting of the MTV series on its premises. The owner of Good's Candy Store, Randy Good, tells Life & Style, "My stomach actually rolled while watching Teen Mom. Amber was filmed in the store, but now she's gone -- for good. I thought it was just awful, and because she's local, it somehow made it worse."

And even worse, the Herald-Bulletin, the newspaper that covers the Indianapolis suburb, recently published a scathing editorial attacking the monster mom: "Reality shows prey on featuring people who appear to be undereducated, narcissistic and full of anger," the editorial reads.

"That's the image Americans are getting of Anderson; we know we're better than that. But for some reason, we can't convince our own neighbors and friends to avoid portraying this community as a bunch of jobless buffoons."

Good also tells Life & Style, "The episode of the teen hitting and abusing her boyfriend along with the language and atmosphere to which her daughter was exposed actually sickened me."

Unfortunately, that's not the only time Amber has put her daughter in danger. As reported in the issue of Life & Style available now, police were summoned after Amber came to blows with neighbor Tiffany Harless over a parking spot on April 10. All the while, Harless tells Life & Style, baby Leah was alone in the house. "Her child was upstairs the whole time by herself," Harless says. "No one else was coming or going out of that house, and no one was looking out for the baby."

Source: lifeandstylemag