Sunday, May 29, 2011

Emilia Clarke Talks 'Game of Thrones' with TV Guide

TV Guide Magazine: Daenerys is no longer the scared waif who first wed into the nomadic Dothraki tribe, is she?
Clarke: You're seeing her grow from a submissive girl into a woman — and a kick-ass warrior queen.

TV Guide Magazine: How does pregnancy change her?
Clarke: It gives her enormous strength and an iron will.

TV Guide Magazine: Was it hard to learn the Dothraki language invented for the show?
Clarke: It was to start off with, but it's spelled almost phonetically. The way it reads, you can break down how it sounds. We had this amazing dialect coach, Brendan Gunn. [He coached Brad Pitt.]

TV Guide Magazine: Did you need to learn to ride for this?
Clarke: I grew up around horses, but acting and riding on camera is a whole different thing. [A horse is] not a prop. It's a live thing with thoughts and needs. If he wants to bolt, he wants to bolt. Being in a confined space [on a soundstage] with a huge, commanding animal can be quite scary.

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of dangerous, how do those filmy gowns you wear stay on?
Clarke: They sew me in!