Saturday, July 9, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe talks about Deathly Hallows: Part 2 epilogue

Tell us about the epilogue. Who ages best?
Daniel Radcliffe: Me. Out of the boys, me. Rupert does not age well (laugh) Obviously [Emma and Bonnie Wright] aged better. They aged the best but the boys were all, like, “Yeah, give us the fat suits!”

But you’re Aurors!
Dan: I know, exactly! I’ve got a tiny layer, which doesn’t really add… it just adds a bit of bulk to my shoulders that makes me slightly wider but I haven’t got a belly or anything, like Rupert. Rupert looks like Hermione has just been feeding for the last nineteen years. But I think Rupert was really keen on that. And Tom and Jade, his girlfriend, look fantastic. I’m so pleased that Jade’s done that because I never thought she would. I thought she’d be really, really embarrassed because I know her. The reason I’ve got to now Tom so well is because Jade’s one of my best friends. She looks just brilliant as [Astoria] and their boy, Bertie [Gilbert], is the perfect mini Malfoy. He’s thirteen years old with not an ounce of puppy fat, just this incredible jaw line. He looks incredibly imposing. But I think it’ll be a really good scene.

How about your own children?
Dan: My children are adorable. My children are fantastic. They’re wonderful, sweet, all of them. Arthur [Bowen] is very good, sort of the quietest of the three and he plays Albus. He’s very, very sweet, young polite. And then there’s the other two. There’s Will Dunn who plays my elder son… who is…