Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'True Blood's' Joe Manganiello: Alcide Is Sookie's Match

“Yeah I think Sookie's situation is very difficult,” he adds. “Obviously her heart belonged to Bill and got broken, and then there’s Eric, someone she would have never given a chance to be with her because of his duplicitous nature. But, obviously, this season you can see that Eric has softened quite a bit and is a different person. So, I think you get a character like Alcide, who has great morals, great values, and also can take her out during the daytime and I think that's interesting -- somebody that can take her to brunch.”

So with all that romantic potential, where does Alcide and Sookie’s relationship stand now as they’ve just been reunited again and his ex-girlfriend is back in his life?

“You're going to see Alcide actively trying to protect Sookie again,” Manganiello says. “Not because of any debt that Alcide's father owes Eric, but simply because at this point Alcide cares and therefore his heart is getting pulled in two directions.”